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I made my baby. Can you make yours?

Gone are the times when Make My Baby had meant making a biological baby. In the age of cloud and information technology, every phrase has a new meaning and the term Make My Baby is not exempt. It is the name of a software program which uses face recognition technology and morphing to predict what your future baby would look like. So in effect, it would produce your baby albeit in graphical format. With such a software program and the photographs of prospective parents you could get a snap of their future baby.

How to use the make my baby software

Using the Make My Baby software is very easy. You need no complicated contraptions or hardware. All you need is the photographs of the people concerned. Visit the website, upload the photos, click on the button, and see your baby pictures. These software programs are free, you should really take and make a baby. You do not have to pay a penny to use it. And you could use the website for just about any two people.

Do you want to find out how your baby with your crush or your partner would look like? You could do that using the software. You could find out how your baby with a celebrity or an actor would look like, you could find out how your friend’s baby with her favourite celebrity will look like. In fact you could take any two people on the planet and find out what the product of their love would look like. Make My Baby is a great way to pass time and have fun.

Is make my baby accurate?

It is not actual finding out of course. You cannot use Make My Baby software to make actual predictions. If you are wondering why, when the software uses advanced facial recognition, the reason is quite simple. Genetics! Your actual baby’s features depend on its genes which would be a combination of yours and your partner’s genes (to put it simply).

The process is complicated and even your baby inheriting half your genes and half your partner’s genes would not mean it would inherit half your features and half your partner’s features. The gene – phenotype (the actual physical characteristic that a gene causes) combinations are much more complicated than that. And our information in the area is still rudimentary. So, simply put, the picture may or may not look like your future baby.

You will get the best results with Make My Baby software if you were to use the baby photos of the two adults. At least use photos without facial hair or spectacles if you want good looking results. If you are just out for having fun though, you could use bearded and bespectacled photos. You would get very interesting results. Have fun.


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