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How make my baby works?
Face detection software has been around for a few years, one of the big players “Luxand” has been around for about 6 years now. They spend most of there time and efforts generating software to detect patterns in images and are ahead of the game when it comes to analyzing them, they can detect different parts of the body in pictures and can preform various pattern matching processes to make it look normal when applied to another face. This is a small step along the way when the guys where thinking up how to make the what my baby will look like website work.

Normally this software is developed to detect peoples faces in security systems, but once the smarty pants behind the “what my baby will look like” site got wind of this idea, they realized that it could have so many other uses. That was when the baby generator we all know today was born.

My baby generators work by analyzing 2 images that have been fed into them, a male and a female. The highly advance Luxand software does all the work and then tells you that question on your mind, what my baby will look like?! So.. Let’s go into more details, from how the images you upload to the software, somehow combine and form one perfect looking image… Well, first, it will look through the image to find a face, once it’s done that will look for other predominant features, such as eyes, nose, eyebrows, lips, ears, hair, forehead, cheeks, eyelashes, teeth, chin or beard.
It also needs to detect any sort of accessory’s an individual is wearing and remove them from the generation process so as not to skew the results, such as glasses or earnings, this can be done more easily than originally thought by the creators, due to the solid and unskinlike tones used in most accessory’s, it’s easy to detect and remove them.

Ok. So now we’ve got all the features of each image and have saved all the specific features in our temp program memory, now comes the real magic, it takes a look each feature on both the male and female and goes through patterns of millions of other images to judge which feature is more predominant, once it’s done this it generates a slight change to them, as judges by the other persons feature and outputs it onto the face of the future baby.
Now your ready to find out that question we all have on our minds, what will my baby look like? If you have any more questions, I’d be happy to answer them. (My email in the sidebar!)


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